Saturday, January 17, 2009

been a bit, hasnt it?

recently relocated from lagos, and have been having some difficulties really gettin maself to write smthin.
instead i find maself readin other peeps posts. one of ma favs being tishas cos u neva knw wat to expect from her. lol!
i tink shes cute, with the way shes so honest and all, and the way she goes on about...


right now, as im writin this post i got like a hundred kids jumpin up and down ma head bumpin into me with balloons n stuff.

all dis oyinbo kids sef, i tire for dem o.

its ma nieces 5th buffday and she got sm kids over from her skool and church n stuff.

been watchin 'em like.. "if u like kil ya self"

the boys decided to play soccer in the garden, and am like .."its freezin cold out there!" not like am a wimp or anything but am there in the kitchen making a hot cup of ginger and lemon tea with honey, and a bunch of kids r kickin sm ball around in d cold. (WAT!)

na wa o. 

two minutes later i noticed one of 'em walks past me, no hi, hello, .. nothin.
then the second.. and i realised sm was wrong so am like

me: anything wrong
kid: yeah i got a pass and i wanted to curve the pass back to ma brova then......

aparently, in his bid to kick or curve the pass or ball or wateva,
he kicked d ball into the garden of neighbours on d right (they got like three dogs) and his shoe came off and  flew into the garden of the neighbours on d left.

how he achieved that, i will neva know!

am sure sm of u wonderin wat i did at this point, well..

three dogs on the right and a grumpy old man on the left?

u thought correctly!

i made maself sm toast to go with ma tea.
yum yum!

like half an hour b4 that, she (ma niece) decides to take em on tour of her house right! to her room and her folks room and decides to make a last stop at mine.
she didnt knock!

there i was mindin ma own bizniz right, just got out of d shower dryin up n stuff!
all of a sudden a bunch of kids pop into d room.

how do u handle stuff like dat? really!

back in naija...
dats wat u call a legit ass whoppin!
for oyinbo land... man! aint ready to have a sleep-in at a police station.

expected dem kids to b traumatised, u know! seeing wat they saw n all, but no..

they're like "oh! sorrrryy! hey lets go get candy yayyyy!"
in d end, i was the one traumatised cos dem kids no even send me sha..

u know its one thing to be ignored by ur mates like ur not there, but for 5 year olds to ignore me like dat...
i admit it hurt a bit, had a tear drop down ma eye...

anyway sha, will try to update u'all on ma escapades n stuff...
gotta go c if tishas got any new post.

c ya