Saturday, February 7, 2009


hey peeps, wata goan???


its been a while since ma last post man!
never tot it'l b like dis... u knw...
with the hustle and bustle of acada life (again!!)
just had ma first few week of lectures and it all went down pretty well too. (big surprise there!! i was neva an acada person back in d day)

i promised myself i wasnt steppin into any higher institution ever again!!

yeah! (didnt keep that one)

talkin about skool brings back memories

i did ma first degree in naija, crazy as hell.
it was a private university though.

pretty kool, quiet, clean, peaceful,...
but u knw d tin wit all dis naija missionary skools ehn..
take shit a bit too far if u knw wat i mean.
na only God go help us.

am sure some of u been wonderin wat i'v been up to, yeah! (maybe not!)

well its been weeks of mixed feelings and reactions.
nothin much has been happening, really!

my niece who was overly excited wen i got here, seems to have moved on. i can say again and confidently now that 'she no send me again, not one bit!'

she no send if i dey house or i no dey. na only wen i dey chow ice lollies, ice cream,.. she go remember say she get uncle.

i remember her mom tellin me to help pick her up from school one day,

mom: hey TT could you help me pick up lil_one from skool?

me wey neva spend reach one month for hia

TT: em.. sure no probs, lemme just print directions from google maps.
mom: aww cmon, its just up the road

of which i learnt the hard way, wasnt really up the road.

TT: are u sure, cos u knw i never been there on my own b4.
mom: oh no, u cant miss it.

no probs na.

na so i gree o.
and truly, i took the short cut i knew and within 5 mins i was there.
got d lil_gurl and a friend of hers who lived just down the road from us. na so the pikin dem eff me up o.

pikin: em can we take the normal route?
TT: why, u dont like the other one?
pikin: no, prefer the normal route

which one b my own, no b make dem reach house,
na so we waka o,
been walkin for like some 5 minutes, freezin ma ass off

pikin: em.. where r we goin?
TT: err.. home, where else?
pikin: i think u missed the turning!

imagine, a whole me, full grown man with biabia.
looked around and ALAS! i don loss o 
(every freakin road in london looked d same man! no b lagos wey every house na different design and colour)

and so it wont seem i didnt knw wasup, decided to use a trick i learnt from ma teachers in sec skool.

u kwn wen u ask a question they dont knw, and instead of admitting they dont, they throw it back at u!

TT: wat u mean i missed a turning, ok if it was u where would u go now?
pikin: i think we shd cross the road and take the next turning! that road leads back in!
TT: i knew dat, just wanted to see how smart u guys are.

(omo i follow d directions. b4 nko! me wey don loss. just dey pray make d pikin sabi road cos... dem go just show us for bbc)

u know all those kids they show on nta, imagine make dem come show me.
bbc: dis man and two kids were found roaming the streets of london, apparently they got lost and cdnt find their way home! d male speaks english and pidjin fluently...

but man!

i'v had my own share of gettin lost o.
most recent one being just some days ago when i went out with a friend from naija, who apparently is in d same uni as me.
she wanted to get some bed spreads, pillows, duvee...
u knw, d normal tins u need so u dont freeze in d subzero temperatures of d night.
so i wan form say me sef na london boi, say i sabi road wella.

man! dis one no b beans o..
i got dis chic to d shoppin center around 6pm, (left home a bit late).
did d whole shoppin within 40 mins.
took a bus goin back to her house, imagine dis gurl no sabi whr her busstop dey again o.
smthin dat shd have been 1 bus and shd have taken 30 mins, on my last count we had entered like 4 different buses.

i remember entering the same bus like twice..
with 3 big bags and frozen feet, with me partly carrying her, we eventually got to her house o.
and i still had to get to ma own house too..


skools goin on pretty well sha,
ma class fairly large, with like 80% of dem being indians...
man! smtimes u think ur in india, d way dem go just dey yarn dey go, lecturer or no lecturer. and man!
dem garlic breath na die. attended and indian skool for 3years back in d day in moscow but u can neva get used to dat smell please..

got a handfull of studying to do man! got snowed in for two days, lectures got cancelled and dat means double trouble for us.
imagine make d whole country come to stand still cos of 5 inches of snow, was freakin disappointed with all d mouth wey dem get.

tisk tisk.

well talkin of studying, i gats to get back to ma studies man!
will holla soon enuff