Monday, December 29, 2008


from childhood,
we are taught our RIGHTS,
our right from our left,
and most importantly right from wrong.
we are taught the difference between the good and the bad,
a clear distinction made between the two, with no grey areas.

from childhood,
we are asked to make choices, the RIGHT choices.
and from lessons learnt from life, we know 100% which choices to make (80% of the time)

we know not to be rude,
not to have feelings for a certain somebody
not to drink, smoke, gamble


we have little chance against falling,
we have no choice.

why is it not as simple as that.
why is it hard, difficult, sometimes even impossible.


is it cos of certain circumstances? 
the irony of choice is that sometimes there are no choices,
just illusions of choices. 

sometimes we think we have choices,

loving and not loving, wanting and not wanting, giving and not giving...

most times we dont.

isnt that why we 
take what we shouldnt have, 
love who we shouldnt love

isnt that why we make so called wrong choices, because we never really had choices. 
isnt that why we all have made wrong choices at some points in life because we're all subject to this. 
we ackowledge and regret it, but we enjoyed it all the same. 
that moment of wrong doing, thinking ... (when the classy uptown chic falls for the scruffy downtown hustler..)

and thinking about it, 
given the same circumstances again, we would make that same choice, 
maybe we never really have options or choices,

just illusions.
and if there were choices or options, 
maybe the wrong ones were more enticing, attractive ... 
(why do good girls like bad guys, why do people lie, cheat, steal, gamble???)  

the illuison of choices, 
the irony of life or the weakness an denial of man?


celestocalculus said...

We always have choices but maybe we are not courageous enough to take the right choice!!!

And about d "gud chic, bad guy" stuff. I discovered after I received a NO! that there are formulas. You just gatta discover them.

Buttercup said...

well is one huge ass mystery that might never be unravelled..

Tisha said...

i think you should write more often
you write this good and i had to bug you to update

enjoyed reading your blog
please write more often

deola said...

Choices, the determining factor.

Nice one

Naughty Eyes said...

I think I like the way you ended it all: the illuison of choices, the irony of life or the weakness an denial of man?

Sometimes we make the right decisions and at other times choices we make didn't have any options in the first place!
As for the good gal / bad guy stuff, personally I think Cupid's tipsy. One look at my non-existent other life tells me so.

Oh, and by the way, I tagged you. Check my Media Nemesis blog for details!