Friday, April 3, 2009

10 honest things about moi.

i'v been tagged like a couple of times and neva really came round to doing dis. BUT...

considering that i'v been toooo tooooooo lazy to blog for a while, decided to used dis to get back.

and oh wasup with all dis talk of 'going private' then wats the essence of blogging in the first place.

imagine some of my fav. bloggers shutting their doors on me.. *sob sob*

berra stop it

10 honest things about moi.

1. I'm can sell my friends into slavery for a BMW (I think they ‘ll appreciate my taste for good cars)

2. I broke it off with my long time Girlfriend.  She was beautiful, light skinned, had the most beautiful curves known to man, even more beautiful than those of: padosh, buttercup (don’t knw wat chari tinks of dat), and last but not least afrobabe. She had beautiful eyes that were somewhat clear and sparkling, her voice was like angels singing. So it was a difficult move to make but I just had to get my hands on the new dv5 series of  Hp laptops. I am a computer freak I guess.


3. I’ve neva had a girlfriend (ignore no.2), only open relationships, cos I don’t think I have anything to offer even till now. cant handle the responsibility of belonging to someone and vice versa.


3. I work best under pressure. Put a gun to ma head and I’l recite the national anthem (correctly)


4. am a sucker for the art. Music, photography, paintings, film…


5. am a sucker for the sciences (lol)


6. am a sucker for… (lol)


7. have a bad eating habit


8. I luv ladies, but I lose interest in ‘em very quickly. All I need is one little thing to happen (like doug belching) and dats it.


9. I’m confident. Some people usually take me to be proud (at least till they really know me)


10. I’m pretty emotional (sshhhh don’t tell anyone). Actually cried watching passion of the Christ (am sure u all did), not just dat, really emotional movies get to me, they hit the right spot.

c ya soon (i hope)


Buttercup said...


Buttercup said...

@ @ "I think they ‘ll appreciate my taste for good cars"..EVIL!

@ 2..awwwww sowee bout that *hugs*..but uh, u broke it off cos of laptops???? one wud think u've seen my curves before..mschew

@ 3..after sympathizing with u..MSCHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW!

@ 3..dude, u have 2 3s! i also work best under pressure..

@ only a sucker for music..

@ way..

@ 6..??

@ too

@ 8..hehehehe

@ 9..theres a thin line between confidence and pride/arrogance..

@ 10..awwwww :)

Tisha said...

Hilarios. lol. ur friends must really like you to allow you sell them into slavery.thats really bad but witty anyways!
guess the car is as tempting as the 2009 Camry.
How school?

Afrobabe said...

You broke up with a babe cos of a laptop??

I am failing to see the link....did she refuse...sorry, did you decde...sorry..

ok just tell me...

I balled big time while watching passion of the christ lil sister nd I held each other and cried big time...

teebay said...

@tisha... skools fine tanks a bunch o
@afrobabe... d babe i broke up with was a desktop ooooo, had to get my hands on the new lappy :D

lol i can just picture u and ur sis hugging and crying..

doll said...

come and update O!

Where have you been?